Drow of the Dark Seldarine


Ages ago Lolth ruled the Dark Seldarine pantheon, and by extension all mortal Drow as well, with the coldest of fists. The Dark Seldarine being nothing more than a puppet pantheon. However, during the Age of the Plague she played a high risk game which cost her her grip on the Drows’ throats.

Lolth attempted to restart the war between the heavens and the abyss by gathering and manipulating the greatest of the Demon Lords. Unfortunately for her, a small group of mortal adventurers, among which was one who would later become co-founder of the Psionic Order, foiled her plans and got the Demon Lords to turn on her in anger. She was forced to take refuge in her layer of the abyss, fighting off the lesser powers for her own survival for centuries.

While the siege of the Demonweb Pits went on Lolth had to focus almost all of her attention, and most of her divine powers into mere preservation. This left most of her Adepts, end even Clerics without power. Many tried to hide this fact, but it was not long before the truth was realized and the gods of the Dark Seldarine accompanied by their unlikely ally Eilistraee took their one chance and sent out their minions in rebellion.

By the time Lolth resurfaced from her realm-turned-prison she came to find most of her divine casters dead, and her rain over the Drow over. It took her millennium to rebuild her power base, and even today her followers number less than even her daughter’s and the joint Dark Seldarine, which have since lost their crippling fear of her and banished her. However, neither Eilistraee nor the gods of the Dark Seldarine are foolish enough to underestimate her for fear of her retribution.

The alignments of the Drow who call themselves children of the Dark Seldarine, and who are known to the Elves as the “Twilight Drow”, varies widely nowadays, and as a culture lies somewhere between the extremes of the Drow of Eilistraee and the Drow of Lolth.

Drow of the Dark Seldarine

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