Half-Human Colonies and Realms

The Half-Humans have finally spread their wings. Near the end of the previous age having discovered a final heirloom from the extinct half of their ancestry left behind on an isolated planetoid they have gained the power to spread beyond the safety of Elven territory and stand as their own small nations.

While these small realms are scattered and mostly consist of a single sphere to a handful at most, they are usually uncontested. The main reason for this is the foresight of the cautious Half-Humans. The self-established “nobles” who lead the call for these colonizing expeditions from Elven lands purposely choose planets which are unusually harsh for humanoid survival. They also choose worlds at the fringes of known Jammer Space which are as far from the major inter-sphere factions as their initial jammer fleets can safely transport them to. The reasoning behind this being that such worlds are of no value to anyone else, so no one will contest their claims to them.

Once established the noble or nobles will run his tiny realm almost as groundlings run an independent city state. If the colonizing population is able to accustom themselves to the environmental hardships, and intense physical labor demands compared to their former lives in developed Elven space they may eventually begin inhabiting the rest of their new home sphere, and in very successful cases reach a point where they can spread to neighboring spheres.

The mighty power of their inherited heirloom, an item their Human ancestors named gunpowder, has helped them not only defend their new homes since the coming of the Illithid threat, but has aided immensely in their survival on these harsh worlds. In addition, they have found that their ancient ancestor’s unearthed weapons, combined with the hardened bodies, senses, and will bestowed upon them by the harsh nature of their adopted homes, has made them ideal for and highly desired for mercenary work. This allows them to sell their services in order to obtain those things which their barren homes can not provide them, and depending on the skill of a noble house’s militia perhaps even a touch of the luxuries and beauty their Elven side still craves.

In this setting Half-Humans (aka Half-Elves) from frontier worlds receive a +2 bonus to Constitution.

Half-Human Colonies and Realms

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