In addition to your characters’ sheets I do require a bare-minimum of fluff. Basically all I ask is at least (but you can always create more!) one paragraph of background for the character, and the following.

-At least one paragraph of background (as described above):

-At least two things your character is afraid of:

-At least three NPCs related to your character (Anything. Love interest, rival, parents, former instructor, etc.). All I ask is their name, race, gender, relation to the character, and at least a sentence on them (but more is always welcome!):

-What deity/religion/pantheon your character follows, if any at all. If it follows a faith, how devoted/concerned with is your character to it (aka how big a part of it’s life is it)? Note: Please use the Deities section of my website for all the deities and planer powers in this multiverse.:

-An image you select to represent your character so I can add her/him to my website (Very important for me). Great sites to find such an image are:



-Finally, any character goals. (Optional. These can emerge during it’s journey.):

Note: Please send me this, and if anything needs minor tweaking to fit better into my homebrewed world/setting/cosmology I would like to work with you to change it a bit to make it fit in somewhere.

Bonus: All those who send me their character’s background paragraph+questionnaire before your first session their character is joining the game may choose a single (non-magical) item worth up to 50gp free to add to your inventory. If you can weave it into the character’s background fluff (a bit more than “dad gave it to me!”) the item can be worth up to 150gp.
Note that the value must be spent on ONE item. Not a set, or things that match or otherwise go together like a bow with special arrows.

ps. Please keep it in this format if you can, so it is easier for me in my binder’s filing.


Illithid Uath celestialkin